Monday, March 02, 2020

Coronavirus Notes

©2020 J. Lee Lehman

Over the last few weeks, I have been putting together notes for my STA Medical Astrology Masters Course related to epidemics. Naturally, this addresses the current Covid-19 coronavirus. A number of people have been asking me how we can view these outbreaks, and whether the natal chart can be used, or a horary. For an individual, both of these methods are fine for seeing whether the Native will be infected, or at least severely enough to be of concern. But for the epidemic itself, mundane methods must be used. The below is an exceprt from that material, addressing the charts relating to China for the next few years. This is not to condemn China, but since this virus first infected humans in China, the early course of the disease tells us much about how it will continue to thrive - or not. Most of the viral attacks of the past couple of decades have lasted only a year: but several have become regular. So the first question we must address is: will Covid-19 die down in the summer as is typical of virusues that mainly effect the respiratory system, and will it start up again in atse autumn or early winter 2020?


As this is on-going as I write, the facts I am presenting may not turn out to be entirely accurate. As far as we currently know, the first cases of this infection occurred in early December 2019 in Wuhan, China. They were not initially identified as a new strain of coronavirus, so detection and acknowledgment of the new virus were slowed by the reluctance of Communist Party officials to admit anything had occurred.

We do not have a patient zero, nor do we have a specific event to mark the start of this disease.

Going back to the Cancer Ingress 2019 in Wuhan, we see Neptune conjunct the Ascendant. This is suggestive that something hidden, mysterious, or deceptive was happening in Wuhan at the time, but it is impossible to conclude that this had anything to do with the virus. The Sun was ruling the 6th, which could mean a focus on disease: but this is too vague to constitute a warning. The Libra Ingress shows a focus on disease, the Moon-North Node conjunction in the 6th and ruling the 6th, with that conjunction opposite Saturn-Pluto in the 12th. While in the 12th, dignified Saturn rules the Ascendant. The Sun in the 8th begins to highlight the possibility of death. Note the Moon was trine Neptune, which was not such a good ruler for the 6th, especially with the likelihood expressed with the Node blowing things out of proportion.

It was under the Capricorn Ingress that cases began to accumulate, and people began to die. The Sun was right on the MC, bringing to light matters, and focusing attention on Wuhan. The Sun rules the 6th house cusp. In the list of the pains of the planets, the Sun in Capricorn equates to the diaphragm, which of course is the muscle which is at the base of the lungs. Perhaps this is one general indicator for all the lung disease which tends to occur in the winter. The conjunction to Jupiter in the sign of his Fall aggravates and aggrandizes the disease which is brought to light. No longer would Wuhan’s claim to international fame be based on their tennis tournament! The Moon was in Fall in Scorpio, at the 8th house cusp and disposed by Mars in the 8th. Now we see an unequivocal connection with death. The Ascendant at 29 degrees and so close to Scheat is no argument of positive outcome. All angles at 29 represent a crisis and a rapidly changing circumstance.

Does the Aries Ingress for 2020 bring hope? Sadly, no. Neptune conjunct the MC looks like infection is in the news, so to speak; and it speaks to continued difficulty of the higher-ups in developing a coherent policy, just as the position of the Sun in the 10th house mandates it. Using the system of the pains of the planets, Jupiter in Capricorn represents the neck, and Jupiter itself rules the lungs – and Jupiter is in Detriment until December, not to mention partile conjunct Mars, the planet of acute disease. And let’s not forget that Jupiter is applying to Pluto.

The Moon in Aquarius, peregrine in the 8th house, shows that eyes are likely to be focused on mortality. Enough said.

The cardinal Ascendant to the Aries Ingress indicates that all four ingresses will be necessary to interpret events for this year: and undoubtedly, events will be fast-moving, reflecting this situation. Neptune conjunct the 10th in the Cancer ingress continues to plague, with Mars joining in as well. Historically, most viruses which affect the lungs as a primary site tend to abate or even almost disappear over the summer months. Do we see evidence of that?

Because of the angular similarity between Spring and Summer, we again see the signature of Jupiter ruling the 6th – public sickness and working conditions – only here, Jupiter has passed Pluto, and is retrograding back to meet it again. Add to this the loaded 12th house, and I would be doubtful that the virus will disappear, although we may see the typical summer reduction. Also, since the 6th rules work, and since General Chairman Xi is unlikely to wish to see China endure any more economic decline than necessary, I would surmise that a decrease in obvious disease would mean a significant upturn in work: which itself could stress the people even more. With the Moon ruling the Ascendant in a partile square with Mars at the 10th, I think that scenario is hugely likely.

Without going into detail on the rest of the charts, what we see is actually a fairly common theme when sequential ingresses are studied: a recurring theme. In this case, it’s the angularity of Neptune. That by itself may be a marker for infectious disease, as well as mystery, deceit, cover-up, and confusion. But of perhaps more concern is that Wuhan is not the capital of China, and its continued prominence is symbolically significant. So if we want to see the effects for China, we should shift to running the charts for Beijing.

In this figure I have added the chart for the beginning of Communist Party rule in China. But as far as the ingress charts are concerned, the MC/IC angles are a few degrees different between Beijing and Wuhan, and the Ascendant/Descendant are a little further off, reflecting the longitude and latitude differences. Notice that the angle hits are generally closer at Wuhan: except for the current Capricorn Ingress. I think this is basically showing the delay in the truth coming to light (Sun conjunct MC) was coming from Beijing. This also tells us that we can basically pick either site to use for our prognostications.

The addition of the chart for the Communist Party rule also points to one additional point: that chart is about to have a Jupiter return. Historically, the Chinese people used the Jupiter cycle in their calendar, going so far as to attempt to make it precisely twelve years in length. So I don’t find it surprising that Jupiter rules two of the angles of this chart. Pluto fell upon the Chinese Jupiter for the December 2019 Ingress, showing that Pluto concept of being whacked by something bigger than the usual planning of “business as usual.” The penchant for economic planning ran into something entirely different and seemingly out of control. The actual Jupiter return will occur very close to the Aries Ingress 2020. Clearly, this is not a trivial time for China. The ruler of the 2nd in the 10th may be said to indicate that Management is still seeing this primarily as an economic matter rather than a public health issue.

If we follow these charts through into 2021 and 2022, the Ascendant in each Aries Ingress is mutable, thereby indicating the need to interpret both the Aries and the Libra Ingresses. The Aries Ingress continues the angular Neptune pattern. With Saturn now in Aquarius and ruling the 6th from its 12th (i.e., the radical 5th), we are starting to see that the epidemic pattern has not broken down. In addition to having Neptune conjunct the Portals of Death, Jupiter, ruling that 7th house cusp, is conjunct the Jupiter-Saturn position for the Black Plague. Mercury, ruling the king is in the 6th, and strongly debilitated, showing that either disease is rampant, or alternately, working conditions are suspect.

And yet – the ruler of the 2nd house is exalted – but combust. The mixed signals may in part be explained by suggesting that the economy is improving: and honestly, after 2020 and the current situation, if the health status allows work to occur, one would expect a considerable up-turn, as often happens after a disaster which requires rebuilding. The combustion of Venus says to me that there is still exhaustion and debris left in China’s financial state at this time. It’s like the Dementors sucked almost all the life out – but an exalted Venus still has a ray of hope.

Now, if we are seeing a possible disease configuration, what we absolutely cannot say is that it is the same virus. It is not uncommon for viruses to mutate, as the flu virus does just about every year. So if we presume that there will be a vaccine for Covid-19 in 2020, that’s no guarantee that this work wouldn’t have to be repeated in 2021. The September Ingress shows Jupiter conjunct the 7th cusp, but not so strongly, but that Jupiter does rule the 8th. The Moon is square Jupiter in the Communist Party chart, but the Ascendant ruler Sun is in the 2nd, showing that the country’s finances are a big focus at this time, while the 10th house ruler is in the 3rd – focusing on domestic transport, or other third house matters. While this may not be as bad as 2020, I cannot say that this looks like a chart that breaks the pattern. There is at least the residual of disease showing (and possibly more active than that), and at least an attempt to alleviate economic damage.

If there is a viral disease beyond flu at this time, the March 2022 Aries Ingress could be showing a radical change in pattern, with Uranus conjunct the 6th house cusp and Venus, the 6th house ruler, besieged between Mars and Saturn, although perhaps we might alternately say that Venus is contained! This besiegement may be reduced in malignity by the fact that Saturn receives Venus, but it will still represent difficulty. Jupiter, ruling the Ascendant and 7th is now highly dignified in Pisces, showing that the economy is bouncing back. This would be a hard thing if the country were in a disease lock-down. Here, we also see that Mercury ruling the 10th, with such debility, is being received by that Saturn: these two receptions with dignified superiors are to planets with high essential dignity, and the Mercury-Jupiter one has the added strength of angularity. The only problem here: Mercury is ruling the 8th, and applying to the ruler of the 1st: Death is asking Life for a favor – something which seldom works out well for Life. And this conjunction is taking place in the 4th – the land, but also the grave.

So unfortunately while the economy seems to be rebounding the Lord of Death is still very active.

The Libra Ingress for 2022 had Mars, ruler of the 1st and 6th in the 8th. The emphasis on Mars would suggest fevers as the primary health issue, but in cold damp Cancer, there’s still a damp influence going into the winter infection season.

This pattern finally breaks up starting in 2023. Here, you see much more of a focus around the 1st and 2nd: looking like China had really gotten back to work at this time. The Moon, ruler of the 6th, is in the 1st applying to Neptune, which suggests to me that things are not quite back to normal. Death (Venus, ruler of the 8th house) is not applying to Life (Jupiter, ruler of the 1st), but there may be some 6th house issues here of residual weakness. By 2024, the 2nd and the 10th show that the health theme is completely gone.

So this is a summary of some of the mundane effects relating to China. To see the effects in other arts of the world, it would be necessary to examine these same charts relocated to other world capitals.