Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin and Pluto in Late Sagittarius

Many of you may know that I predicted that John McCain would win this election (you can see a "summary" of the prediction on YouTube ( While my model is quantitative, I thought that there would likely be some last religious fundamentalist as Pluto retrograded back into Sag. I guess we have found it in Sarah Palin's nomination. While I have to admit that there is a certain entertainment value to conservative Republicans learning how to say "sexism" in a complete sentence, there is also the challenge - is a Pro-Life feminist really a feminist? My gut is to say "free speech," but what about her whole package of beliefs? For a somewhat different historical approach, you might like to read Sommer's article at,pubID.28410/pub_detail.asp. Is Palin then just a repackaging of conservative feminism?

The rest of my thought about Pluto in late Sag for the election, followed by the ingress into Cap just afterwards, is that whoever is elected will be elected under one premise, and have to govern under another.