Friday, October 02, 2015

When it becomes Habitual

©2015 J. Lee Lehman, PhD

President Obama deplored the shooting at Umpqua Community College, because this kind of mass shooting has become routine violence. And he is right: the number of these events has become numbing - almost routine.

This sad fact has astrological consequences, as well as moral and political ones. I am reminded of one of the prime aphorisms of horary: you cannot ask the same question twice. Now, events are not exactly like questions - and you can in fact have basically the same event twice, if we ignore the very real lives of the people who are the subject of the event.

But the point worth pondering is what that neat little horary aphorism is saying about the human mind and spirit. The first time a tragedy type happens, it is shocking, infuriating, cathartic, raw - all the human passions are engaged and the person becomes indignant and enraged - and certainly engaged. But then, when there is a next time, and a next time, and still a next time, each additional one hardens the heart rather than opens it, and sullenness becomes the order of the day - except for those survivors who knew the victims and thus were caught up in the tragedy directly.

This is, I think, the basis behind the horary aphorism, because it is in that moment of shocked recognition of the question that the raw result will show. Horary works well with pathos, but not resignation.

But events are events, and the fact that a type has become routine does not mean it cannot be interpreted.

Here we have the chart. Murder is a crime, and the classical idea is to use either the 7th house or an angular peregrine planet as the perpetrator. The answer is pretty unambiguous for Venus:

  • Venus is the ruler of the 7th house
  • Venus is peregrine
  • Venus is angular by the 5 degree rule (being within 5-7 degrees of an angle on the cadent side).
The MC is Regulus, making this a much more public event than the average happening at the community college, and reminding us of the difference between a Sun-ruled Regulus and a Mercury-ruled one. It's pretty clear from the chart that this was a moment of stardom: a public (angular) event, but ending in self destruction: the fall part of the characteristic of the royal stars.

Mars the planet of anything gun is in the 10th and ruling the victims, the 1st house "subject" of the shootings. Mercury's rulership of the 8th rings too well with the location of the shooting: this was an educational facility.

The Moon was in Taurus: a bestial sign even if exalted. It was also void of course. The v/c did.not mean that "nothing will come of the matter" - more than ten families have been ripped to shreds by this event. So the event from the standpoint of the criminal was successful - but at the cost of his own life as well.

The fixed nature of the murderer in Leo does suggest the possibility of bigotry or fanaticism - but also the inability to adapt his way out of these emotions. It also suggests theater. What a sad combination.

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Beyond The Cosmos said...

Thanks Lee for insightful thoughts, I'm sure you have much more to say?

If I might add, the hour of Venus, which intensifiers the directive. As you rightly point - out, Venus is the perpetrator here!

So the planet is in a mutual reception with its the dispositor, Sun in depression (Fall), who is still within orb (3°) of (concealment,) to combust Mercury.

Sun/Mercury in a state of exchanged condition. Mercury now of Sect, however the Solar Sect leader - Sun, is not in good shape, it's in the Confines (Bounds) of Mercury.

And Venus the significator is in the confines of Mars and both are contra to Sect.
A condition that diminishes the essential expression of uniting. Self expressed egoism - selfishness, narcissism . The quality of altruism is taken away and replaced by self-importance.

Mars is in mutual reception and confine reception with Mercury.

Mars is received into weakened condition - Detriment. The accidental place dignity (most elevated planet, with Venus) gives the high public notability. While Mercury has several rolls here, he (masculine sign and solar) is in his own confines.

This condition allows him to do as he pleases, with the added retrograde debility, this gives him a poor set of choices!

The Moon from a early Hellenistic prospective is not void, she is about to co- join Saturn in an applying opposition aspect (3°).

The Moon ruling the ninth house of Law and President is carrying the frustration of the Leader. Unable to bring together the Law makers. (11th & 5th Lords - Venus and Mars) However, sometime soon Venus will make contact with Mars. And Mars will contact Jupiter. This will be interesting to see how the Law is dealt with?

Jupiter the dispositor of Saturn and the natural ruler of Law/Justice, and is about to be co-joined by Mars. Jupiter is in a condition (detriment) which see him unable to assess his higher state - resources of justice.(essential dignity)
This aggravation, prevention is also seen here with the degree of the 9th house cusp - Mercury's confine, on the verge of Jupiter's.

The Moon will carry Saturn's containment (Public emotion) - Failure - ignorance to Mars and Jupiter. Selene will collect the light from Saturn's opposition and carry it to the square. (Mars and Jupiter)

Notice that the signs involved with the retribution by the collector (Moon) are Mercury's Gemini - Sagittarius, Mercury's detriment, and Virgo.

Kind regards
Gregory Clare