Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Pope and the Sexual Molestation Scandal.

The extent of the child molestation scandal against a series of Catholic priests is just breaking, and increasingly, the Pope is being implicated as yet another church administrator who wanted the problem to go away. For this, we can examine the Aries Ingress for 2010 calculated for Vatican City, although the scandal broke a bit before that. It is difficult to come up with a chart for the problem itself, because some of the cases being discussed date back to the 1950s. But also, one has to acknowledge that the church policy of celibacy may have some bearing on these cases. While it may be in the interests of the Catholic hierarchy to attempt to distract people from the heinous crimes and cover-ups within their ranks by focusing on the fact that so much of the molestation can be called homosexual, feminists for years have drawn attention to the fact that rape is as much or more a crime of power as a crime of sex.

There's so much to see in this chart! The Sun-Saturn opposition straddles the angles, thereby indicating that this is one of the hot spots where the Aries Ingress will have a great effect. This fact alone suggests that, this time, the scandal cannot be swept under the rug. But there are further arguments that confirm this. The Moon is partile conjunct the 9th house cusp. In most charts, we'd hardly read this – but the subject of our inquiry is a Church – a 9th house matter. Normally, we would read Moon in Taurus as wonderful – but this Moon in Taurus is conjunct Algol – the Head of the Medusa. The Medusa – a female chthonic symbol – the old goddesses of fate and fury: the ones that could wreck havoc and were the most feared of the female deities. It would be so easy to simply leave this as a symbol of “beheading” of the Church – a powerful symbol that, before this is over, Benedict must go. But I think both Benedict and the rest of the Church hierarchy have vastly underestimated the rage that these stories of abuse followed by cover-up have generated.

This idea is further supported by the South Node in the 10th – the destruction of the Head of State. In Vatican City, the Pope is the head of State. But with the Sun trine Mars, I have no doubt he will go down fighting. I also don't doubt that he earnestly believes that he has done nothing wrong.


Anonymous said...

Saturn in its exaltation and the only retrograde planet retrograding back into the 12th - it's house of joy, might we not see more covering up, more refusing responsibity and buck passing to individual priests.

Linda Reid aka Cosmic

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